Verifiche, Analisi e Reportistica

 Check and analysis (back office and on site)

Fotovoltaico Analisi 1 - Sciacca e Partners
 External visual check on the turbines and the PV modules
 Check of the noises due to the rotation of the WTG rotor such as holes, cracks on the blades, brakes of the yaw motors, etc… 
 Analysis of the production of the plant
 Analysis of the underperformance with evidence of the possible faults and malfunctioning
 Analysis of the WTG logs of the WTGs, of the inverters and string box

Suggestions and advises

 Advises about the WTG/PV upgrade system
 Advises about the further check and analysis to be performed: Oil, alignment (LIDAR), CMS, etc….
 Advises about the improvement of the electrical BoP
 Advises about the improvement of the civile (BoP)
 Company management oriented to a better coordination and implementation of the tasks.


 Monthly technical reports containing the production, technical and contractual availability, average wind, errors, power curves, etc… 
 Event report relating to specific extraordinary tasks