Administrative management of the plants, incentives, energy sale, etc….

Management of the energy sale

 Stipulation of the RID, Net exchange agreements
 Stipulation of the MPE and GPP agreements
 Check of the payments relating the energy sale
 Check of the unbalancing burdens
 Monthly transmission of the unavailability of some components in the plant (full modality)
 Weekly or daily transmission of the planned unavailability of the plants (simple modality)
 Support in the choice of the trader alternative to the GSE
 Support in the subscription of the agreement with the GME for the access to the markets for the energy sale

Obtainement of the incentivations

  • Portale Aste GSE 1
  • Portale Aste GSE 2

 Former Green Certificates (DM 18/12/2008)
 New Green Certificates (DM 06/07/2012)
 Auctions, registers, direct access to the feed in premium tariff (DM 06/07/2012; DM 23/06/2016)
 Conto Energia (old systems for PV)
 SEU qualifications

Management of the energy production

Storico Corrispettivi GSE

 Data download from the taxed counters
 Check of the data mentioned in the previous point
 Compilation of the UTF registers
 Check of the payments to the GSE, unbalancing burdens, etc… 
 Preparation of the necessary yearly documentation
 Compilation of the consumption declaration

GPP (Management of the production plan)

 Monthly transmission of the unavailability of the plants (full modality)
 Weekly and/or daily transmission of the planned unavailability of the plants (simple modality)

Interface with the local authorities 

Dichiarazine di Consumo UTF
 Agenzia delle Dogane
 Regional offices (Assessorati, etc… )
 National offices (ENAC, CIGA, etc… 

Energy Supply

 Subscription and Management of the agreement for the energy supply to the ancillary services (ENEL, Sorgenia, etc…. )

Data download from the energy counters

 Data download from the taxed energy counter 

Updates of law, standards and rules

 Continous update of the main regulations in the field of the renewable energy: GSE, GME, Terna SpA, Enti Distributori, AEEGSI, Agenzia Dogane, etc..