Coordination and direct activities 
on site/back office 

 Coordination of S&P operator LSC (PES) (On Site/Back Office)

 Operate on plants switches (HV and MV breaker, disconnections) by “PES” technicians (in substation)
 Key keeping (sub station keys, turbines keys, storehouse keys, etc)
 Perform periodical site checks

ØCoordination of Turbines service teams (On Site/Back Office)

 Case of activities linked to other subcontractors for example, Terna, civil activities, cabling restoring, etc..

Coordination of civil service team on BoP-(On Site/Back Office) 

 Road access maintenances

 Drainage systems maintenances
 Preparation of crane pads in case of use of extra big crane.
 Improvements of drainage system quality, etc..

Coordination of electrical service team on BoP  (On Site/Back Office)

 Checks of electrical equipments

  Electrical equipments maintenances
  Reparation-replacement of spare parts
  Resetting protection parameters in case of faults emergency assistance

Coordination with Terna (On Site/Back Office)

 Disconnection/reconnection of farms in case of extraordinary activities
 Coordination of ENEL Distribuzione On Site / Back Office) for